Friday, 27 March 2015

Nigeria 2015 General Elections: My Vote! My Power!

How does it feel to be granted the power to change lives both living and unborn? How powerful it must feel to be able to decide ones immediate present and future!
Nigeria is at the cusp of a new dawn or dusk! Come this weekend you have the intoxicating and frightening power to change your world, your present and your future!
With power comes great responsibility, so CAST YOUR VOTE wisely and rationally, containing no hate, or extreme passions that clouds sound judgement

Pick the right man to determine the world of your children
Entrust the right man with the power to mold futures.
Your VOTE is your POWER! Don't let anyone bully or outsmart you of it!
I will exercise my power @ the polling station on Saturday! Will you exercise yours? I sure hope so!
Till we meet again, live, love and exercise wisdom in all u do!
My Vote! My Power!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Casting Call! Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2015 Model Casting Holds 9th of April

Casting Call! AFWN 2015 Model Casting, will be held on the 9th of April at AFWN HQ Lagos, Nigeria. We are calling on all Models & Modelling Agencies to attend for our Casting Call happening on the 9th of April, this is in preparation for the Africa Fashion Week Nigeria which will be holding on the 23rd & 24th of May 2015, at the Eko hotel. Lagos Nigeria.
For All model requirements please see the above flier.

Daviva! Sponsors of AFWN 2015

Daviva is once again the sponsors of AFWN Nigeria 2015. Da Viva is a brand for the fashion lover, blending cutting edge designs with the vibrant colors associated with traditional African fabrics. According to the brand “Da Viva has been part of AFWN/ AFWL from the start because it has been a great avenue for Da Viva reaching its target audience, promoting Da Viva brand, promoting the fashion industry also, a platform for supporting the upcoming designers. AFWN/AFWL is a brand that people love to associate with, it’s a brand that defines class, style and true meaning of today fashion. So, taking keen interest in AFWN is more of a pride for Da Viva brand to actualizing one of its objectives”

Monday, 23 March 2015

Morning-after Regime.

Sometimes, we like to have fun, hang out with friends all night, wild on champagne or just let go of the carefully reined control we mostly base our self-worth or pride ourselves on. Depending on the current circumstances in our lives or religious leanings, we may sometimes also engage in intense nights of prayer, or marathon study, trying to change or turn our fates or those of our loved ones favorably.
Alas, having fun, changing fates or letting go often comes with a price, sometimes costly. For the style lover, most often the fleeting gains of a night out in town or vice versa is spoilt by the dreaded morning after effects which includes blotchy skin, bloodshot eyes, appalling pallor, and other hangover symptoms.
Worry no more as we bring you morning-after regime to combat or camouflage the effects of a night of valor, piousness or fun.

6 Tips for the Morning-after 

Green Tea. The Caffeine in green tea helps combats inflammation and stimulate skin, making it the perfect remedy for the morning after. Place warm green-tea bags over eyes for two minutes, then place on the sides of your nose. This helps to reduce dullness, blotchiness and dark eye circles.
Concealer and Foundation. For ladies, the magic trick to hide the ravages of the night of indulgence or sacrifice is concealers. Stay away from your foundation and slick on the concealer for instant healthy glowing skin. For the gents, 

Brighten your eyes. In order to hide the evidence of a night of decadence as evidence by bloodshot eyes, simply place cold slices of cucumbers on your eyelids till warm, replace with another slice and repeat process until your eyes are


Hats are back on the style charts as the must-have accessories that adds instant “retro hip glam” to your style. An off-shoot from the 70s inspired trend rage that is currently gripped the fashion world, the hat trend had spiraled into the classic, retro, elegant and extravagant stage, nearly obscuring the previously held hat repulsion era.

Previously the style domain of the English elites and a relic of Africans old-school fashion, the hat trend has been adopted by the “hip and youthful” crowd, spreading the trend like wildfire. The big round hat and small dapper hat monster trend add instant fab to almost any ensemble, making it the go-to trend for style lovers worldwide as evidenced by its presence on red carpets, runways and style walkways globally.
Show off your style this weekend by wearing the trend.

WIG Secrets

Tired of bad hair days and don’t want to go the traditional route by solving it with head wrap, weaves or turban?  The magic solution to your hair challenges is WIGS. Aha! I’m sure you’ve considered the wig option before but was discouraged by the fact that when you wear wigs, it seems obvious to every adult female alive that you’re wearing one and so doesn’t “feel or fit” right. The good news is you can now wear your hair 50 styles in a month using different hair pieces and full wigs by faithfully adhering to the following wig secrets below. Consider it a new month present from me to you.

Wig Secrets: 

Every hair on your beloved style celebrities, models and stars can be bought (not made). From Beyoncé super bowl performance hair, Toke Makinwa’s side fringe wavy weaves, Genevieve Nnaji big Afro locks to Rhianna’s pixie cuts.  All you have to do, to get the look in minutes is, go shopping at wig stores, market or saloons in Nigeria. In Lagos, wig hotspots includes, Hollywood hair stores, Lo’lavita hair salon, Makeme beauty salon, Balogun Market, numerous online stores et al.

Front lace closures be it human hair or synthetic is the key to wearing your wig and looking as natural as if it was your own hair.

Thou shall invest in quality hair pieces or wig.  Investing in wig can be very conflicting. Most often wigs ae a stop-gap option to bad hair days so most ladies won’t like
to commit major funds to the endeavor.  Investing in quality wigs helps protect your

Blogger Style: Sharon Ojong Shows Us 3 Ways to Rock The Distressed Denim Trend



Hot! Or Not…? Tonye Rocks A Yellow Virgos Lounge Tate Embellished Maxi Dress

Singer/Songwriter Tonye was recently spotted wearing this gorgeous yellow gown by Virgos Lounge, is proving once again to be a major trendsetter.
The ‘Ari Belema’ crooner styles up the ‘Tate Embellished Maxi Dress’with a pair of heels, minimal accessories and bold red lips.
 What do you think of the look?

Sizzling Slits

At the start of the year I did forecast that the ‘thigh high slits’ will continue to dominate trends charts irrespective of season. Thankfully I was right! The high slits seems intent on staying on the fashion radar as seen by its multiple appearance the runways, walkways and carpets of the just concluded award and fashion season.

From Toke Makinwa sizzling silt dress at the AMVCA to Kendal Jenner risqué red dress in Paris, high slits always adds a touch of saucy or raunchy glam

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Rihanna Makes History as the First Black Woman to Become a Dior Brand Ambassador

Rihanna makes history again, this time as the first black woman to become a Dior brand ambassador
According to the Bajan singer “It feels fantastic,” she explained. “It is such a big deal for me, for my culture, for a lot of young girls of any color. I think to be acknowledged by Dior means a lot, as a woman, to feel beautiful — to feel elegant and timeless.”

Rihanna will be joining a line-up of famous Dior faces inclusive of Jennifer Lawrence, Marion Cotillard and Natalie Portman for the French brand’s fourth video of the Secret Garden. The Dior film and print campaign, shot by Steven Klein in Versailles, France, will be released later this year and will continue from the third chapter, which boasts more than 9 million views on YouTube, Dior told WWD exclusively

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Oddly Enough

Oddly Enough, life has been a switcheroo dance,
Born into a world tinged with betrayer and bitterness
Scorned for the inability of others, shamed by poverty and bullied by circumstances
Harassed and buffeted by life travails, peer pressures and societal expectations
Defeated by a mindset conditioned by sown twisted speeches inspired by ignorance, envy, jealousy and hate.
The future was a vicious circle when imagined
So I feared

Then the Truth came in the guise of the Word, inflaming the heart,
Piecing through the debris of shame, scorn, and betrayer
Igniting the hope incubated in the core hidden under the scars of life
That core that house man ability to hope regardless of how dire the situation faced
From which a voice whispers, “you are worthy, deserving and have value”

Casting off the doubts, the fear and the shame, I triumphed
Prevailing in all circumstances by the application of the Word
Rebuking all thoughts that would try and cast me in the role of the “fearful or defeated”
Skillfully navigating life’s path with the floodlights of knowledge
Oddly enough, I REIGNED!

P.S: Knowing who you are, is the only spring board to greatness!  Find yourself in the words of the creator and oddly enough you will prevail.

Yipeeeeeee! MillareFashion hits 3 MILLION Views on Google+

Yipeeeeeee! MillareFashion hits 3 MILLION Views on Google+
I just want to say Thank You Lord! It's been YOU all along. From the beginning, now and to the end. 
I know some of you are wondering, why my personal name is on the page and not my official blog name "MillareFashion", ask google o! lol. Really, the answer isn’t that complicated. Google automatically opened by blog google+ page with my name initially and when it prompted me to change to my blog name I declined (Didnt know better) The good news is I have recently opened an official MillareFashion google+ account a few weeks ago, so go join the fun train! We are already at 13k plus views. Isn’t God awesome! (Big grin)

SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL MILLAREFASHION READERS THAT MADE THIS 3MILLION VIEWS ON GOOGLE+ POSSIBLE. Huge thanks to Angela Arebun, Oyindamola Tyna Foks, Arebun Sandra, Chiamaka George, Augustina Oderele, Onile Gift, Bibi Okosun, Adaze Okeaya-Ineh, Muah!

It's not by power, blog post, or online tool but by your spirt! Glory!

Monday, 16 March 2015

Outfit Post: Lace Crush

"Lace is my go-to trend for instant timeless chic" -Millicent Arebun

The Showbiz Interactive Session with GEJ| Photos

All roads led to Eko Hotels and suites yesterday, as the incumbent president and presidential candidate of the PDP turned up for the event tagged Showbiz Interactive Session with GEJ. Specifically packaged to meet and engage with the members of the Nigerian entertainment industry, the president answered questions throw at him with aplomb.
Stars recorded at the event includes American RnB star ,Ruben Studdard, Dbanj, Sir Victor Uwaifo, Raskimnono,Timi Dakolo et al.

Say Goodbye to Dark Knees & Elbows

A lot of us have at one time or another suffered pangs of shame when we see our pictures or acute embarrassment trying to stave off obnoxious questions and comments on why our elbows or knees are so dark as opposed to the rest of our bodies. The female folks are most often accused of bleaching while the male folks are given contemptuous looks which convey explicitly that they are down-right dirty.

Unfortunately most of us whose parents, school teachers, or relatives practiced “spare the rod and spoil the child” philosophy end up having dark coarse knees and elbows due to the countless kneeling, pick-pin et al punishments, melted out to us in order to ensure a responsible and crime free future. lol

Knee and elbow skin is naturally thicker and more prone to moisture loss than any other part of our skin. Dark knees and knees are often caused by dead skin cells which forms due to dryness.
The good news is that you can easily get rid of dark knees, elbows and even knuckles with the help of a various cheap homemade remedies straight from your kitchen or cabinets.

 7 Homemade remedies to Cure Dark knees and elbows

Coconut Oil and Lemon Juice Mix: Mix coconut oil with lemon juice in a small glass bowl. Rub the mix on your elbows and knees and leave for 15 to 20 minutes. Wipe off any

Runway VS Walkway

By Chiamaka Udeh
The fashion world is filled with designers who have amazing ideas which they always pull through with, as seen on runway. But, the major problem with their creative ideas is that often times it may not be ideal for the real world. Fashion should be fun, flirty, easy and effortless. Hence, the clothes on runway makes fashion sometimes feel tedious and unreal.
            Many critics have argued that clothes being showcased on runway represent couture fashion and at the end of the day the people who buy these clothes off the runway either wear it well while sticking to the designer’s original ideas or have it toned down to fit the style suitable for the street.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Africa Fashion Week Nigeria proudly announces Orekagodis as Fashion Brand Ambassador for 2015

We are pleased to announce our 2015 Fashion Brand Ambassador as Oreka Godis. Oreka’s role in the 2015 edition of Africa Fashion Week Nigeria is to help with the synergy of the project and identify undiscovered talent.

“AFWN is extremely excited to have Oreka on board this year. We see her as someone who embodies our ethos and encourages consumer support across the African fashion industry. She was recently featured in New African Woman magazine as one of the Nigerian Media Mogulettes to watch out for and we look forward to seeing her empower, promote and help AFWN discover this year’s budding talent” – PR and Marketing Director, Yetty Ogunnubi.
 Oreka says “I am very privileged to have the great honour of being AFWN 2015’s Fashion Brand Ambassador. The creative team behind AFWN left no stone unturned on their mission to bring you the very best in as yet undiscovered fashion designers across Africa. There are lots of surprises in store this year and I look forward to sharing every great moment with you“.

Oreka Godis is a descendant of Ogori in Kogi State, Nigeria. From her early days, Oreka stood out as a talented child. At school, she was class captain, social prefect, an active member of

Outfit Post: Stripes & Sequins

“I constantly advocate styling or dressing up for oneself, as it frees you from the constraints of trends, barricade of seasonal fashion and the stronghold of societal expectations -Millicent Arebun”
Happy Thursday fellow style lover.  It's almost weekend and I know a lot of us can't wait for Friday to kick-start it, so we can express our stylishness without restrains of any kind. Ha!
Dressing for someone else can be a pain but dressing for yourself opens up a new world of endless possibilities. I constantly advocate styling or dressing up for oneself, as it frees you from the constraints of trends, barricade of seasonal fashion and stronghold of societal expectations.
Mixing practicality (the heat was suffocating) with style in this look, which I tagged “Stripes & Sequins” I choose to pair my silhouette long blue and white stripe skirt, with a sequined embellished chiffon black blouse, for sheer comfort.
I completed the look with Soda block heels sandals for style and keep my accessories bold on the wrist to minimize 'sweat-damage' leaving my neckline bare.  (D.I.K, one of the kool perks of being a blogger is naming your outfit, cool sounding names, guaranteed to make it sound like work not fun lol)
Styled by: Millare
Skirt; Bisonne blue and white long skirt

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

April Sure Looks Fun for Style Lovers! April Magazine 2015 Issue Crush

April sure looks fun for the style lover if global magazine covers of april 2015 issues is any yardstick. From Rihanna floral Ankara dress on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar China, Cameron Diaz perfect bod tricks and tips on Cosmopolitan UK"love your body" edition , Justin Bieber lean muscles on Men’s Health Magazine to Omotola Jalade Ekeinde hopes of been a "sexy Grandmother" on Tw Magazine, April seems to have all the style theraphy we will need to weather spring.

I am so excited, are you?

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2015 Releases AD Campaign Photos and Announce Ms Abiola Okoya as Goodwill Ambassador


Fury - the temperament of the ocean’s health

Lashing out hard by the hour’s task

Tossed and crashed  - washed ashore

Haggard and ragged - where do we go from here?

Battered and bruised, we thread our hopes

Mending our minds but first our sight

For out of the froth of the ocean’s fizz

Aphrodites gleams in deified glory