Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Fashion imbued with Pop Culture! Nigerian fashion label Fruché presents its Spring/Summer 2015 collection titled “Bastille”

Nigerian fashion label Fruché presents its Spring/Summer 2015 collection titled “Bastille“. According to the Creative Director Frank Aghuno‘s, the Bastille collection was inspired by interest in the rock band’s style of music. From the way they remixed covers of pop songs to their ethereal vibe; he wanted to create a collection that mirrored their brilliance.
Featuring a creative merge of pop culture and rock, pastels, high slits, asymmetrical and structured sleeves, cutouts and monochrome in the season’s trending colors and fabric! His twin brother Fred Aghuno, who is an artist painted all the backdrops for the collection lookbook.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

4 Ways to Wear Asymmetric Hemlines

Fluid lines, flattering silhouettes, graphic structures and wanton innocence and are the evocative of the asymmetry fad sweeping the fashion landscapes globally. From diaphanous chiffons to chic super-short, long and drapery to sharp and edgy; asymmetry is the go-to-route for the fashionista seeking to express her style in dynamic ways.  Here are four simple ways to pull of the look without fuss.
Eku Edewor and Solange Knowles

How to wear: 

Shorts, Minis and midis: Pair asymmetric pop hues with graphic accents, a bold lip and an equally bold pair of pumps. For soft pastel hues select graceful silhouettes, pair with ankle strap heels or embellished matching flats.
Pairing asymmetrical hemlines: pair with subtle cut-outs, bodycon tops, dark hues, sleek silhouettes, button-down shirts, tailored blazers,
Edgy Chic: For the edgy chic look, pair your asymmetric staples with leather, unrelieved blacks, and masculine or androgynous jackets and shirts. For instance,

Monday, 2 March 2015

WIWT Series: Razzledazzle! Head Wraps,Faux Pearls & Cocktail Rings Mix

Happy new month style lovers! Its monday and the whole circle starts its spin again. This week ensure it spins fruitfulness, productivity, love, laughter, happiness and peace for you and your loved ones, regardless of life circumstances. Realise that you are a themostat (Read the bible and watch the movie "the secrets") and can detemine your very own life weather. 

Millicent Arebun A.k.a. Millare

This look was created for you, in order to spice up your monday. Fashion may have limits and rules but style has no boundaries, so for this look I piled on the accesories, sticking to all the faux pearls and coktail rings I could find in my box (Just because I can). Since I wasn't too thrilled with my hair, I decided to wrap it up in order to create a constrast. Viola! 

Disciplined Tailoring Epitomize Nigerian designer Duro Olowu Fall Collection 2015

Nigerian designer, Duro Olowu, new collection is inspired by Fauvist painter and avant-garde artist Kees van Dongen. According to Mr. Olowu, “His paintings were second to none. This thing is, though, he never lost sight of the woman in his paintings. You always see the eyes”.
Applying the same technique, the designer brings a collection that is more varied in its textures and silhouettes. Alongside his signature capes and tailored mixed-print dresses he added flounced tank and full skirt of black lace and silk taffeta, a voluminous and very glam gown of pastel brocade, and formal shirtdresses in sliced organza or damask that featured dramatic draped backs. For day, meanwhile, he had a kimono jacket, split A-line skirt, and nipped-waist jacket made from grid-checked knit wool.

Friday, 27 February 2015

WIWT Series: Offically Polka Dots

Who says that poka dots are too cheery for the staid office environment! This polka dot from the style stables of H&M certainly didnt get the memo. Combining efficiency with flirty chic and office functionality this little number is one of my fave piece to wear to the office.
The only draw back to this gown is the impish wind  fairy tendency to try and blow my dess skyhigh or could it be some wicked males with questionable air bending techniques? hmmm. lol.
Millicent Arebun

20s Chic

“The twenties fashionista is the budding style queen who is not afraid to experiment with fashion trends”. Millicent Arebun

The twenties herald the come out stage of true style lovers. No longer are your cloths been bought by the parents, big sister, or stylist and fashion choices modeled after your style icon. This is the time to experiment and find your true personal style and fashion niche by experimenting with current and vintage trends you love.

Most often, the twenties style lover is a budget fashionista, having to make do with fixed income for an extended period. High end designers fashion staples and couture are almost out of reach, hence the need for the twenties style lover to invest in quality fashion pieces that will stand the test of time.

Chiamaka George Udeh
Fine tuning your innate talent for bargain shopping is a must-have skill for the twenties fashionistas as he or she begins to builds her style wardrobe of a lifetime. Think sporty chic, ragged queen, minimalist queen, sultry love child pop star or bohemian princess as you shop for trends or create your outfits and Voila!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

WIWT Series: Blue Braids, Leggings & Button- Down Zara Gown!

Statement Accessories

Every style lover knows that statement accessories are the perfect magic elixir, to transform any outfit from boring to fab, grunge to rock or classy to elegant or sultry.  Simply wearing a studded choker or pearls collar, on your round-neck chiffon or silk blouse, can instantly transform your outfit to mega glam levels.

Guides to Finding Your Perfect Bra fit

A good bra is as hard to find as a good man these days, so why complicate matters by wearing the wrong bra cup or band size? A bra is an undergarment worn by women to support the breasts. Every female, having reached that landmark turbulent stage in life called puberty begin a lifetime love affair with lingerie especially the brassieres.
The way in which a bra cups the breasts varies between style, functionality, fashion and fabric. Most times a girls’ self-confidence is be determined by the fit of a bra. Amazingly many ladies have no idea of the right type of brassieres to wear. For the lady or young female suffering the plights of under or oversized bra challenge, it's time to smile again as I bring you answers to those irksome bra questions you may be too embarrassed or intimidated to ask.

Signs that your bra is NOT your perfect size

In order to determine your correct size, you need to know if your current bra is the right size. Simply check if you notice any of the following signs:

Spillage or overflow of the breast from the cup and armpit when your bra isn’t a half cup
Puckering and wrinkling of bra cups.
Bra straps taking the full weight of the entire breasts.
Band riding up your back and hitching all over.
Gaping front center of the bra riding the breastbone or ribcage.
Underwire discomfort of pricking, pinching, pulling or poking.

How to Measure For Perfect Bra Cup and Band Size.

Tools needed:
Measuring tape
Comfortable bra with no padding or stay nude

1.  Band size - make sure your measuring tape is ground level with your body and exhale the air in your lungs while measuring directly around your bra or better still your breasts, if your measurement ends on an even number then you have got your band size if it stops at an odd number then add (1) one to it to determine your band size.

2. Cup size - measure across and around the fullest part of your bosom, when done, subtract your band measurement from your bust measurement; each inch represents a cup size.
Viola! It’s that easy to know your perfect bra size, now go shopping for some fab lingerie for that extra boost of confidence and sexiness.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Style Spotlight: Monochrome, Hose & Flowers for Wednesday Blues

Bibi Okosun Ojiemeh
Bag:Bluemarine, Watch: Ebel bag accessories 2Rubies,  Shoe; Guess

Fashionista  of the day: Bibi Okosun Ojemhen
Shoe; Guess
Dress; Zara
Watch: Ebel and Rubies
Makeup: Mac Rubywoo, Maybeline Eyeliner, Marykay foundation, Davis Brown brow-pencil and Mac powder.

Tailored & Crisp!

 “A perfectly tailored clothing is a key element of the ultra-male wardrobe and suits are the dynamic equivalent of the little black dress for male folks”- Millicent Arebun
The ultra-gentleman is almost always depicted or photographed wearing a suit. This is because “suits are like medieval suits of armor. [They] tell us who the person is, what kind of background they [come from], what kind of status they have,”- Jolie Andreatta costume designer for the series show “SUITS” A perfectly tailored clothing is a key element of the ultra-male wardrobe and suits are the dynamic equivalent of the  little black dress for male folks.
Style enthusiast and blogger Denola Grey put it succinctly when he said “Subtle highlights, a well-fitting suit and a neat haircut are all you need to look the part of the perfect gentleman. All that is left to complement the appearance is your personality and attitude towards life”
Alas buying, wearing and pulling off a dapper suit look requires knowledge.
11 Suit-guides to help you look suave every time.
1. The world's most expensive suit will look bad if it isn't tailored to the contours of your body. The first rule to wearing a great suit is the fit.
2. Your suit jacket should fit well and give you a full range of motion, both buttoned and unbuttoned.
3. The suit jacket should be just long enough to cover your pants zipper and butt.
4. Your tie should JUST reach the waistband of your trousers, or be slightly shorter.
5. Shirt cuffs should not slide up when you stretch your arms. When wearing a button-cuff shirt, the cuffs should break exactly at the wrist.

6. Double-breasted jackets can give those not six feet and over a "drowning-in-fabric" look, making you appear smaller.

Phunk Afrique Rebrands to Funke Adepoju with “Fifth Avenue” S/S15 Collection

Nigerian fashion design label Funke Adepoju former known as Phunk Afrique has rebranded and what better way to announce that fact than with the launch of a fabulous collection. Addressing the brand’s name change, Funke said “We used to have a more playful and fun outlook – an informal structure that indulged catering mostly to people who brought in their fabrics for us to design and make garments to suit their taste. Eventually, Phunk Afrique grew into the Funke Adepoju brand and has become more personal. I am invested more into the Funke Adepoju brand, in the sense that I have arrived at the dynamic that suits who a Funke Adepoju woman is, what she represents and how to satisfy her. And you can tell time has played its own delightful part in this journey. The brand has stepped into the realm of more luxurious and sophisticated fabrics, to mature cuts and aesthetics and overall, more intricate detailing.”
Named “Fifth Avenue“, the collection was inspired by the designer’s trip to New York, “Everyone has a New York story – that city that takes you in and makes you see things through a clearer lens and allows you to exist in your most creative element. You find inspirations everywhere – the subway, waiting to flag a yellow taxi, in line to buy a snack. It’s such a vibrant place that fills you up with so much excitement.” The collection features ready to wear pieces characterized by pop hues, silhouettes asymmetric hemlines and a feel of the 70s. 

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Kiyana Wraps Presents its A/W 15 Collection tittled ‘MAWAZO’

 Popular head wraps brand Kiyana Wraps presents the Wraps autumn /Winter 2015 collection tagged ‘Mawazo’, meaning ‘{deepest} thoughts’ in Swahili.
Featuring a combination of cherry- berry infused pallets, pockets of earthy green and blue tones blended with confidence. This voyage of Congolese heritage is a journey of self-exploration; uncovering a history lost and found.The resultant collection is feminine.

Utilizing materials such as tulle, African wax cotton prints, hand embellished Swarovski crystals and feathers; Mawazo is simultaneously classic and elegant. The mix of architectural design and delicate moulage is perfect for the colder months and offers a romantic yet edgy turn to the collection. All in all, a perfect fusion of might and fragility; reflecting the strength and sensuality of the modern woman. Prices range from E35 to E150.

70s Fashion tinged with sci-fi! Isi Atagamen Fashion Label (IAFL) presents “The Marionette”

This collection is from strings evidently seen by the fabric aesthetics and dedicated to the woman who has no limits and looks good no matter the weather. The IAFL woman, has no cage, control or subjection; she knows how she wants to look and always looks great. Featuring cutouts, pastels and fashion trends of the 70s tinged with sci-fi. 

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Valentine Series: Lingeries,The Perfect Love Accessory

Hurray! It's 36hrs to valentine day people! That special day set aside to celebrate cupid’s triumphs and lineup fresh targets for the future!  It’s a widely accepted fact that lingerie’s are the perfect love accessories for special moments, like Valentine’s Day.  The heady feminine thrill wearing lux lingerie gives a woman is one that can’t be overemphasized. Having on sexy lingerie is one that’s guaranteed to give a lady the added or needed confidence necessary to close a deal, confront a faithless lover, rebel against society perjuries and mend or spice up a marriage by jumping her lovers bones.

This year Valentine’s Day promises to be very special in Nigeria, due to the limited movement imposed on us as a consequence of the elections holding on that same day. What better way to spice up your homebound Val’s day than by rocking some ultra-sexy silk lingerie of your choice guaranteed to keep your special ones attention firmly fixed on you (And not distracted or getting into trouble brewing up political heat) 
Bury those comfy cottons lingerie, at the bottom of your wardrobe for now and go shopping for some ‘naughty’s silk teasers to keep the love flame blazing.